Our Services

We have extensive experience in complex civil infrastructure works including large-scale, local projects.

Whether your project is small, large or highly complex, we are well equipped to perform a range of services, including but not limited to; road construction & drainage, earthworks, sewer & water reticulation, water storage (dams, tanks, reservoirs), pump stations, retaining walls, bridges & more.

Our Approach

Hisway believes quality cannot be compromised.  This is most clearly demonstrated in the approach we take to doing what we do:

  • Hisway strives to meet the objectives of our clients in the most cost effective way possible
  • Hisway ensures the materials used for a job meet or exceed the required specifications and that the right personnel
  • Hisway aims to manage risk through diligent planning, maintaining a focus on safety, effective resource management and strong project management;
  • Hisway is proud of its local reputation in and around the Shoalhaven, values that reputation as an asset to the business and actively seeks to enhance its worth


What We Do

We have extensive experience in complex civil infrastructure works including:

Pump stations
Subdivision infrastructure
Water and waste-water storage, including reservoirs, tanks and dams
Bulk and detailed earthworks
Road works, drainage and services
Hot Bitumen Spray Sealing

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The team at HISWAY are recognised for their proven ability to provide professional services to a wide range of clients all over Australia

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